Conceptual Design of Blended-Wing-Body Business Jet

Blended wing body (BWB) business jet is a new concept of business jet aircraft which give an alternative solution to solve the fuel efficiency problem of long range jet aircraft. The longer range of an aircraft, it means aircraft must have higher velocity to cut the time deficiency, and it means more fuel to burn up and more cost to pay. In the present work, conceptual design of BWB business jet was carried on to solve the Design Requirement and Objectives (DRO) of a business jet aircraft which mainly based on long range aircraft requirement. The design calculation of the present work was mainly based on empirical formulas from the references and doesn’t involve any experimental simulation or advance computational simulation such as CFD and FEM.

The DRO itself, consist of the demand to design business jet aircraft of 6-12 passengers which can fly nonstop from Jakarta to Los Angeles (  7800 nm). In the present work, BWB business jet design is high subsonic speed (0.85 M) with 3 high bypass turbofan engines. This design mainly construct to have high aerodynamic efficiency (high maximum lift to drag ratio) to get high fuel efficiency. To solve stability and control problem, present BWB design consist of reflexed camber airfoil, split rudder and winglet as vertical stabilizer. With this advance design, the present BWB design also mainly construct to have not quite far purchase price compare with the competitor.

Flying wing aircraft concept is one of the thing that always be the aircraft designer’s dream. This concept eliminates the fuselage that known as zero-lift component which produce biggest portion of aircraft drag. With this concept, it is hoped that the aircraft can have a very high aerodynamic efficiency. This concept had been long become concept that keep on developed for all kind of aircraft from military type to civilian transportation. B2-Spirit aircraft is one of the legendary military (bomber) aircraft that succeed enough using this concept on it’s time.

Civilian aircraft adopt this concept to make benefit of fuel efficiency as logical consequence of high aerodynamic efficiency. But, for the civilian aircraft’s application one of the main problem such as cabin placement for passengers (payload), then show up. That reason leads modification of flying wing concept to blended wing body (BWB) concept. BWB concept is actually pretty similar with flying wing concept, but it’s just that there is less fuselage effect given on this concept that integrated smoothly (blended) with the wing for cabin placement. However, it is hoped that BWB concept still have the same benefit as flying wing, like high aerodynamic concept. Although up to this moment, civilian transport aircraft with BWB concept can’t be commercially made yet, but prototype of this concept has built and developed, such as prototype of Boeing X-48, a civilian transport aircraft with BWB concept.

In the present work, BWB concept applied on long range business jet aircraft. It is related with market need on business jet aircraft which is able to go through pretty far distance by considering the business’s need on time and cost efficiency. BWB configuration propose the solution by provide aerodynamic efficiency on high subsonic speed. However, the objective of the present work limited on the conceptual design that only determine whether the determined configuration is feasible to make and able and able to fulfill the determined DRO.


Conceptual Design of Blended-Wing-Body Business Jet


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